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" We pride ourselves on being a Family owned business with a strong set of core values. I run our service shop in accordance with those values and with a strong  understanding of our customers needs. We know how important it is for you to have your truck or trailer up and running. We know how important it is for your to trust the work we do. We know how important it is for you to trust us! Our shop leadership has over forty three years of experience, and we are fully dedicated to our customers. We will prove that you can trust us as a partner "  

-Jim Ulrich



Jim Ulrich

Shop Manager

PBS Service Dept



Drive-In Service

We Insist on providing excellent and honest service to our customers. You can trust us with your equipment  

  • Wheel Alignment

  • Brake Service

  • Medium & HD Suspension 

  • DOT Inspection

  • Medium & HD alignments

  • Full Axle Installation

  • Suspension overload Installation

  • Lighting Repair/Installation

  • Battery Testing

  • Starter & Alternator Testing

  • Exhaust 


Machine Shop

​We have years of experience troubleshooting problems for our customers. Give us a call for a custom solution to your problem!

  • Custom-Bent U-Bolts 

  • Custom Made Leaf Springs

  • Leaf Spring Repair

  • Leaf Spring build up 

  • Suspension Re-Bushing 

  • Drum and Rotor turning

  • Hydraulic Hoses

  • AC hoses

  • Brake Band Relining

  • Brake Shoe Bonding 

  • Custom Battery Cables


​If you are experiencing King Pin, Tire-wear, or alignment issues... You could have a worn Axle eye. Stemco's Axle Pro system refurbishes worm axles eyes and restores them to like new condition.  Bring your truck to us or we can travel to you for a small destination fee. The axle does not have to be removed from the truck. 

Kingpin Axle bore Repair 

Dexteraxle image.png

Utility Trailer Parts, Axles, & Service

We can quickly manufacture custom Utility trailer axles up to a 7K capacity! 

  • 81"-96" HF Dexter axles in Stock 

  • Axle Installation

  • Suspension Replacement 


Suspension Overload Installation

​We are Distributors for various different vendors of Overload kits. If you are having issues with your Truck sagging while hauling, Call us and we can fix your problem!

  • Hellwig

  • Firestone Ride Rite

  • Timbren

  • AirLift

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