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OEM Division 

" Our OEM Division has specialized in suspension, steering, and brake components for the RV industry since 1979. If you have a coach that is leaning or sagging and needs to be leveled, or you want to improve the handling to its fullest potential...We have a solution for you. In conjunction with our vendors, we have the ability for custom machining and engineering parts or products that solve whatever problem you bring to us. We bring 41 years of experience and  will partner with you to make the best end product possible.  Our dedicated  OE warehouse in Elkhart enables us to stock and quickly deliver the parts that you order at the time you specify. We can help you eliminate excessive inventory and logistical headaches. "

-Mike Nolan



PBS OEM Division

Mike Nolan



Featured Vendors



We offer many additional services. In short, if you have a problem and need a solution...We can help.

  • Specialty Suspension Modification/Upgrades

  • Custom Fuel Lines

  • Machine Shop

  • Custom U-Bolts

  • JIT Inventory 

  • Hydraulic Hoses

  • Shock Absorbers

  • Sway Bars

  • Helper Springs

  • Ride-Rite Air springs

  • Brake Lines

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Back Up Alarms

  • Silicone Hose

  • Hose Clamps

  • Ball Valves

  • Exhaust Components 

  • Triangle Kits

  • LED Head Lights

  • Valve Stems

  • Powder Coating

  • Fuel Line

  • Suspension Parts

  • Ball Joints

  • Nylon Airline Tubing 

  • And More...

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